R&D & Service Firm


Innovative Films & Membranes

LiSO provides technical consulting and services for improvement of technologies and products. We develop ideas, work processes and new products. LiSO formulates a unique strategy by leveraging resources, know-hows and portfolios; and implements the stage-gate process for technology development.

  • Idea Development 
  • Expand Options 
  • Lead Selection 
  • Pre-development Assessment 
  • Development 
  • Validation / Pioneer Application 
  • Commercial Launch

LiSO has carried out a range of contract services for improvement and development of customers' products. 

We work closely with key members of clients' organizations from concept, R&D to deployment, helps clients build up their knowledge and know-hows, and enables clients' higher and sustainable performance.  

  Materials           Processing        Applications

  • Clear, Porous and Barrier (bio)Films 
  • Design of Interfacial Adhesion, Tie Layer Resins, and Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Functional, Heat and Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Active and Smart Packaging Products
  • Nanoporous Films
  • Polymer Electrolytes
  • Blown Film Process and Problem Solving 
  • Single-Step Membrane Process
  • Biobased Feedstocks/Products 
  • Seal/Peel/Retort  BOPP/ Pouch
  • Operations Improvement 

IP Services

Businesses require easy and cost-effective ways of protecting their inventions and IPs. On behalf of our clients of contract R&D services, LiSO provides IP services to help implement the patenting process timely. 

  • Review: Prior Arts and
     Patentable Novelty
  • Writing: Specification and Claims
  • Application Filing
  • Information Disclosure
  • Prosecution and Issue