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Innovative Films & Membranes

Company History

LiSO Films (LiSO) was found in 2010 at Rochester, NY; alongside business offices and laboratories:

  • LiSO Films, Rockwell, NC (2021)
  • LiSO Plastics, Charlotte, NC (2015)
  • LiSO Films, Lowell, MA (2014)
  • LiSO Films, Providence, RI (2013)
  • LiSO Films, Joplin, MO (2012)
  • LiSO Film Technology, Rochester, NY

LiSO is small business; we leverage necessary resources by closely collaborating with consultants, contractors, and external laboratories.

Key Personnel

Patent Agent

Jin Song, Ph.D., Chief Technologist
Dr. Song is a Principal Investigator (PI) on development of products, projects, and businesses. He was previously a lead engineer at SKC Films, Yale University, and ExxonMobil Chemical in manufacture and R&D, working on plastic films, polymers, processes, separators, polyelectrolyte, coatings, etc.  Dr. Song holds over 30 patents worldwide for technologies that he commercialized. He is the inventor of novel microporous films; and also taught a graduate polymer course while at Yale, developing a new polymeric foam and process. 

Dr. Song holds several certificates: i) Business/Finance/Project Management, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY and ii) Lean Six Sigma Green/Black Belts, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY. He obtained Ph.D. on "Polyesters and Their Blend Films" in Polymer Engineering, University of Akron, Akron, OH. 

Dennis McGee, Ph.D., Chief Chemist
Dr. McGee has been working over 30 years on polymer coating and synthesis. He has a variety of experiences in managing projects and technologies, along with in-depth expertise in process scale-up from a lab to commercial line.

Dr. McGee worked previously as a lead chemist at Phillips and ExxonMobil on coatings, plastic films, separators, specialty products, etc. He is the inventor of the novel acrylic coatings, and has over 30 patents worldwide on cutting-edge products that he developed and commercialized. Dr. McGee holds Ph.D. in Chemistry from California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.
LiSO Films presently maintains a business office only, located in Rockwell, NC. 

Ilene Lee, C.A., CFO
Ms. Lee is a senior accountant, assuming various responsibilities in finance, business, and resources and relationship managements for technology commercialization. She has an extensive experience in marketing of consumer products and completed a range of certificate training in business administration. Ms. Lee holds BA in accounting, SUNY.


LiSO's IPs and patented technologies enable a wide range of (bio)products for application in energy storage, filtration, separation and purification of gases and fluids, CO2 and volatile capture, structural support, solid polymer electrolyte, packaging, printing, labeling, etc.

LiSO experts have been the lead inventors of a variety of polymeric products and technologies:

  • US9617412 & US9487654: Foam, composition and method
  • US8906510: Film and method  
  • US8557919: Films and method
  • US8142893: Polymeric films   
  • US7713636: Multilayer films 
  • US2012/0114958: Polymer film with a metal receiving layer    
  • US2012/0100383: Metallized polypropylene film and process   
  • US2011/0195259: Metallizable and metallized polyolefin films  
  • WO2010059448: Cavitated films
  • US9284471: Polymer coatings  
  • US9358824: Printable film  
  • US9327554: TPE Laminates   
  • US9181441: Coating for labels
  • US2013/0059119: Label film structures 
  • WO2013/165486: Epoxylated polyalkyleneimine coatings 
  • CA2648379: Coated films  
  • US2011/0236703: Coated films

LiSO experts have developed novel cavitation technologies, realizing the facile and low cost manufacture of porous polymer films, micron to nanoscale, from a wide variety of materials, compositions, and structures.