Lab & Service Firm


Innovative Films & Plastics

Company History

LiSO Films & Plastics LLC (LiSO), found in 2010 at Rochester, NY. Our business offices are established:

  • LiSO Plastics, Charlotte, NC (2015)
  • LiSO Films, Lowell, MA (2014)
  • LiSO Films, Providence, RI (2013)
  • LiSO Film Technology, Rochester, NY

We work closely with consultants, contractors and external laboratories of private, universities and research institutes to leverage resources.

LiSO's main office is currently located at University Research Park of Charlotte.


  • Plain Films: Packaging, Labeling, and Printing for Industrial/Commercial Applications 
  • Porous Films: Open, Closed, Nano- and Micro-Structures  
  • Conductive Films: Polymer Electrolytes, Fuel Cells, Display, Supercipacitors, etc. 
  • Sorbent Products: Filtration & Separation 
  • UltraHigh Barrier: Clear and Opaque  
  • Renewable: Processing and Applications 
  • Coatings: Adhesive, Sealant, and Barrier 
  • Thin Film deposition: Surface Treatment, Deposition Processes, and Film Structure  
  • Solar Films: Clear and Ultraweatherable  
  • Interfacial Adhesion: Tie Resins & Layers 
  • Foams and Foaming Processes
  • Nanocomposite Dispersion   
  • Processing-Structure-Properties Relationships   
  • High-Speed and Additive Manufacturing Technologies
  • Nanolayer Coextrusion

LiSO ultrahigh barrier and weatherable films are designed for use in outdoor and solar cells applications.

LiSO Patents

LiSO Plastics retains a portfolio of U.S. patents on polymeric films, membranes, and their manufacture technologies. 

Our products/ technologies deliver superior productivity/ performance for a wide range of applications as an active medium in energy storage and harvesting, filtration, separation and purification of gases and fluids, CO2 and volatile capture, structural support, polymer electrolyte and solid state batteries, packaging, printing, labeling, etc.

In particular, LiSO oriented films are substantially thin, strong, and suitable particularly as a separator of secondary batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells.