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Innovative Films & Plastics

LiSO is specialized in premium and niche film products: i) Ion-Conducting Films (ICF), ii) Sorbent Membranes, and iii) UltraHigh Barrier Films (UBF)...More 
LiSO Films' multi-functional & layered processing technologies deliver unique, innovative solutions driven by renewables, markets and sustainability, helping our clients innovate and sustain their product portfolios...More
LiSO Films & Plastics, L.L.C. (LiSO) is an R&D and service firm. We develop to commercialize high performance plastic films, membranes and their manufacture technologies for use in energy storage and harvesting; packaging, labeling and printing; filtration and separation; and electronics.    

Licensable Patented Films

LiSO retains a portfolio of licensable U.S. patents, having a great potential impact not only on existing markets but also newly emerging applications...More

  • Nanoporous Films and Battery Separators
  • Sorbent Membranes
  • Active and Absorbent Packaging
  • US 9,694,344; US 10,363,564; and 
     US 2018/0043656
We look for licensees and commercialization partners, and invite our stakeholders to a developmental project. 
EXPLORE untapped opportunities with us.  

Products and Service Areas

LiSO offers exceptional clients services. We retain long-standing experiences in solving challenges, developing products, and processing polymeric materials.
  • Product Development (R&D)
  • Technical Consulting
  • Intellectual Properties (IPs) 

We provide our clients of contract R&D with IP services to help them implement, timely and cost effectively, the patenting process...More